Need help with my writing homework on What makes Amory Blaine character American in This Side of Paradise. Write a 1500 word paper answering; This essay discusses that in normal circumstances, an individual will feel sad when they lose their significant others, but Amory shows no remorse in the death of his father. In fact, he attends the burial without showing any emotion. The novel ends when Amory is penniless. this is a twist from a rich family with the flamboyant mother who made every provision to his dear son. He realizes that he hates poverty, and he goes further to start spreading the news of socialism perhaps hoping that he might land himself back on the revolution. The lack of money made him have a deep dynamic thought of who he was. That was a character that displayed how Amor was coming to learn and live with the reality of life. Things were not as usual, and it was time for Amor to think more and understand his life in a conventional way. Eventually, as the novel comes to an end, Amory, discarded money, love, and convention but rather concentrated in deep self-actualization. He later comes to realize that he was selfish and egocentric. At the end of the novel he claims that he finally knows himself, “but this is all.” The book portrays Amor as uniquely American with such behaviors that he portrayed in an unconventional manner. His life that started from a flamboyant family to end in poverty may provide the picture into why Amory fought for his self-actualization and identification.In conclusion, “This Side of Paradise” provides a good insight on understanding the reason some people behave in a unique way rather than in a conventional way.