Need help with my writing homework on The Dialectic in Architecture. Write a 3000 word paper answering; According to Kenneth Frampton, the idea of tectonics was adopted with a keen focus on architecture as a skill for construction. He went on to urge that modern architecture is majorly a combination of a structure and its construction, as the main focus of architecture is on space and the theoretical aspect of the architect. According to him, the integral parts of any architectural piece of work include the construction as well as the material nature of the structure to be constructed. He also believes that the articulation of the two aspects. construction and the nature of the material provide a better platform for the assessment of the work as a whole.Frampton’s ideology is supported by Rafael Moneo, who is a Professor of Architecture at Harvard University, where he said: “The material, detail and structure of a building are an absolute condition. Architectures’ potential is to deliver authentic meanings in what we see, touch and smell. the tectonic is ultimately central to what we feel. .