Need help with my writing homework on Primary Criticisms of American Cinema and Griffith’s Montage by Sergei Eisenstein. Write a 1500 word paper answering; One of the most important filmmakers of the early era, Russian filmmakers Sergei Eisenstein had belonged to the Russian opinion of cinema which termed cinema as a means of provoking the people to think (Shaw 2011). &nbsp.This view, however, had a contrasting stand with many American filmmakers who used to derive the idea of filmmaking from its ability to provide entertainment to the public. At the core of their opinions, the ideas have come out of different philosophies asserting the importance of arts and esthetic medium to provide education or entertainment to people. At a later age, as the American cinema was highly influenced by its industrial structure American Cinema tended more and more towards entertainment which could provide good returns of investment in filmmaking. On the other hand, Russian cinema had devoted much to the ideas regarding cinema as a medium of awareness and provoking.Due to such differences of opinions, Sergei Eisenstein, who was most profound of early Russian filmmakers had critiqued some of the concepts developed and defined by D.W. Griffith. One very important part of that criticism was Eisenstein’s criticism of Griffith’s theory of montage. In the modern-day theory of montage Sergei Eisenstein’s assumption for montage is widely accepted for providing a ground for cinematic understanding for fast cutting and expression through montages. As followers to Griffith’s theories, Sergei Eisenstein had developed Montage theory according to his philosophical set back based in Hegel and Marx. Although developed over Griffithian grammar, Eisenstein’s theory to montage shows some contrasting differences as well.In a modern-day scenario, the term montage briefly suggests a number of small-sized shots arranged in a manner to express a particular part of the story or an effect. The montages are quite common in almost all the movies made nowadays. Depending on its use and requirement montage may be musical, action-packed, blurred, or deluding.