Need help with my writing homework on Methods to Identify Employee Development Needs. Write a 2000 word paper answering; There are several ways to ascertain employee development needs. Employee regular assessment is majorly applied in the management and technology sectors or departments. The employer can organize for internal or external assessment. Internal assessment implies the departmental heads having a test session to determine whether the employees are conversant with a certain technology or skills. Assessment plan should be established to ensure all employees undergo the system (Noe, 2009). The plan should also ensure that the organization’s operations are not compromised by the process, in other words, the assessments should be done in an organized shift module to enable other employees to continue with their duties while others are being assessed. It is important to alert all employees in a certain department on their assessment date so that they can make adequate preparations with regard to the assessment details. This can be done through internal memos or departmental heads can be used to pass such information. Internal assessment can take many forms depending on the nature of the organization. In the technological arena, a specific number of employees will be required to complete some practical connections in the technology laboratories. During the process, safety measures should be observed to limit any chances of accidents. Employees should wear special protective clothing like boots, goggles, and helmets among others. Top departmental teams or supervisors would monitor the process to ascertain areas the t need reinforcement. All areas of weaknesses will be noted so that a relevant training session can be organized later. However, one would suggest that the top departmental team or supervisors ought to have been equipped with that particular technology or skill because it will no sense if they are as green as other employees. Currently, there are different firms that offer special training to department heads or employees depending on the arrangement with the top organizational management team. Organizations dealing with humanity issues like counseling and social and psychological therapy among others can use fellow workers or external volunteers to practice their new skills. I would mention that this should be done in a very critical manner due to the fact that the skills tested might be new, meaning it had never been used before, this might have some negative implications for the volunteers, secondly, volunteers may take legal actions should any of their rights be violated in any of the sessions. It is important to maintain a friendly work environment while ascertaining the development needs within the organization. First, it is important to let the employees know the aim of the exercise. The assessment is not any kind of punishment but a way of increasing the productivity or suitability of employees.&nbsp.