I need some assistance with these assignment. the current evidence of human evolution Thank you in advance for the help! This study, according to Keim (2011) supported the idea that increasingly younger birth ages are hugely influenced by changes in the genetic makeup caused by natural selection. This means that the ability of a woman to give birth at a younger age is dependent on the inherited genetic traits, according to Keim (2011). This evidence provides a clue as to how Homo sapiens evolved into a species. Another research conducted in Northern Europe and Africa has shown evidence of human evolution. According to this study, it was discovered that people living in these regions have developed the ability to tolerate lactose in their diets. This form of evolution, according to scientists was due to cultural reliance on milk as a product of agriculture (Harrel 2009). Ways in which current understanding of human evolution effect how we may evolve in the future? From the current evidence of modern evolution, it becomes apparent that humans may continue to evolve in the future. This is attributed to the selective pressures that humans are likely to encounter in the future thereby resulting in continued evolution. For instance, we might make an educated speculation that future human beings might end up lacking the wisdom teeth (Wade 2010). Research indicates that a majority consider their wisdom teeth as things that should be removed surgically before they begin to erupt. The main reasons being that modern humans have small jaws that do not require wisdom teeth. The main belief is that, wisdom teeth are vestigial molars, which evolved in ancestral humans at a time when jaws were bigger, and most diets were hard that required strong jaws. It is no wonder wisdom teeth continue to disappear.