I need some assistance with these assignment. developing to be an effective communicator Thank you in advance for the help! It’s mentioned that when all the members are convinced of achieving the same goal effective team building is made possible. It is important to see how vital is communication skill in effectively motivating the team members to achieve the same goal. Eventually, a team tastes success when there is a solid and healthy relationship with each other and measuring the improvement in the performance of it as a group. Developing to be an Effective Communicator In order to develop effective communication skills one must have a change in attitude towards the environment. Such transformation makes a person free of all inhibitions. This change will bring certain qualities in a person who undergoes that change in his/her personality. Firstly, good communicators have good perceptions, for instance, they can read the mind of their audience and can modify their message accordingly. A communicator will have precision as they will be able to create an accurate vocal picture in the mind of the listener. Good communicators also develop credibility as they would appear to be believable and trustworthy people. Moreover, good communicators can control the conversation as well as the minds of the listeners. He can motivate the listeners in line with the intent of the message. Finally, good communicators always develop congeniality as they always maintain a pleasant and positive relationship with their audience (Hamilton, et. al 1998). An effective communicator can motivate and hold people together for communication can be used as the glue to hold the solidarity of the team. A good leader, therefore, must craft the message with the utmost care, so that he/she will be able to overcome barriers and influence the listeners to act in an intended way. As species, the development for homo sapience was faster than all other species. The obvious reason for such a phenomenon was the human being’s ability to communicate. Hence the skill of communication became the core of cooperation and betterment of mankind. The times have passed, human beings based their existence and development on this skill which taken humans across communities, countries, and continents. Now he is on the verge of moving across planets. The narration explains how communication is being the key to success in leadership. Communication is the most common denominator that supports all the activities of a team (Courtland and Thil 1992). None of the basic procedures of managing or leading a team is possible with our communication. As explained earlier, a leader needs to have those qualities explained earlier such as precision, perception, control, and congeniality. Potential of a group is in close relation with the self-efficacy of the group members, argues Lindsly, Brass and Thomas (1995). However, both these terms would mean the self-belief every member of a team has about the team’s ability to achieve the goal. This positive forebear of effectiveness is made possible due to the good communication of the team leader and the existing positive communication among the team members. Starting from the initial process of management – the pioneering personality declaring the need of a group to achieve certain objectives – the flow of ideas, thoughts, and actions begins by the means of transferring information. Thus, the stages of planning, leading, appointing and controlling are the key areas which&nbsp.cannot progress without effective communication skills.