I need some assistance with these assignment. 2052: meeting the challenge of sustainable business Thank you in advance for the help! The Aviation Industry has made tremendous progress over the past decades, which have had a great impact on air travel. This makes it paramount to set a future agenda that will be anchored in a better educated, comfortable, more prosperous and a better-informed company – Air Fantasy. The aviation industry has reached an evolutionary crossroad and has to choose among a great storm of deepening crises due to economic meltdown, jet fuel and pollution to the environment that is progressive and expanding prospects of unprecedented opportunities (Wankel and Stoner, 2009, p. 23). At Air Fantasy, we plan to purchase the latest and new Airbus A330s, which are more fuel-efficient since they consume very low amounts of fuel. This will also reduce carbon emissions. Air Fantasy will also buy commercial and car fleets for its ground services, which will be more fuel efficient to enable it become a leader in sustainable aviation. Viewed from the past perspective, current aviation crises portend a more uncertain future. When viewed as a transformative opportunity to break from the outdated values, institutions and ideas, the aviation crises present essential conditions that lead to a rapid shift to sophisticated, prosperous and sustainable days ahead for the aviation industry and in particular, Air Fantasy.