I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Genetically Modified Foods. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. According to them, genetically modified foods pose no threat to human health or the larger environment. The creation and production of genetically modified foods is something that is still in a very early stage. It is too difficult to study and consider their impact on humans and other plants and animals. The public and expert opinion regarding genetically modified food is highly polarized. Practically speaking the supermarkets today are flooded with genetically modified foods. This is giving way to much resistance against genetically modified foods. Not everybody thinks that genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption. Yet, there are people who believe that genetically modified foods are the future of humanity. While there are some experts who believe that genetically modified foods are safe, there are others who believe that in the absence of authentic safety studies, genetically modified foods are a risky thing.Many experts believe that genetically modified foods could do much harm in the long run (Weasel, 2009). Genetically modified foods are produced by tampering with the natural genes of the natural plants to highlight some specific effects of the product as desired by the scientists. However, the thing is that producing genetically modified foods is like playing with nature. Manipulating the genes of natural plants and animals could lead to the creation of such biochemical or species that my not only turn out to be poisonous but could also harm the health of the people who are consuming them. For instance, how could a GM company ascertain that the genetically modified cucumber it has created will have no toxic impact on the friendly insects present in the soil it is grown (Weasel, 2009)? It is too early to document the overall impact of genetically modified foods.