I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Fire Protection Technology in Buildings and Homes. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Before reaching most suitable fire protection technology, it is good to realize that fire breakout is not essentially the result of an internal source. Instead, various external factors can contribute to the breakout of fire in the building like the fire that broke out in the World Trade Center on 9th November 2001 as a result of the aircrafts’ collision with the building. Hence, an effective fire protection technology serves to make the structure intact against both internal and external hazards. This paper aims at evaluating various fire protection technologies that are conventionally employed in buildings and homes and discussing modern trends in the field.Fire protection technologies employed in houses and buildings are fundamentally the same, despite the vast differences in the strength and nature of materials involved in the two of them. Homes are conventionally made up of brick masonry with concrete tops. Occasionally, brick or reinforced concrete columns may be employed in the design of homes for structural or aesthetic purposes. All homes are traditionally made up in the same fashion almost all over the world. Exceptions like wooden homes may be seen especially in earthquake-prone areas.On the contrary, various systems have been developed for the construction of buildings and towers that include but are not limited to curtain wall buildings, frame structures, reinforced concrete, and steel structures. Structural load in huge buildings is fundamentally carried by structural elements made of concrete or steel or a combination of both. Thus, although there may be different styles of construction for buildings and homes, yet the materials employed in the construction are fundamentally concrete steel and bricks.