Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic The film. However, it also presents an exaggeration of the case supporting the claim of presenting Maric as a female scientist at the time (“Einstein’s Wife (Television program review)”, 34). It presents various arguments far beyond what the historians and people of the time never established as authentic. The presentation of the film contains expertise of its making. It arouses the critiques to evaluate its claim as it is trying to either dent or modify the reputation of Albert Einstein. The film contains limited certainty leading to the doubts on the truth of its claim.Secondly, the film setting is such that, it is creating a deliberate impression that Maric was a full partner to Einstein in every sense. Thus, from this point alone, many critiques and historians present various arguments and thoughts to support and oppose this claim accordingly. The evidence made in the film, on watching the film it does not explain the component of the mind of Einstein in his later career in the creative scientific filed (“Einstein’s Wife (Television program review)” 41). This point brings the question that, if indeed she was a partner in his scientific work, why does she not appear in the later works of Einstein in the other significant works that he produced. Thus, she cannot possibly be a coauthor.Additionally, the release of the film also did not feature prominently in the scientific and public world as a headlining story. Thus, this facilitates the evidence that, the poor reception of the story in both the public and scientific worlds after its release indicates that she possibly was not a co-author as the film claims. The known facts and evidences do not back the claim of the story, thus, the reason it does not appear famous in the audience concerned. Thus, the critique argument is evidencing that she was not a coauthor.