Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Fashion Costume. This essay mainly focuses on describing terminology and types of clothes and fashion directions, that developed in fashion industry. Author suggests, that fashion is the holding style or tradition, as in dress or in their action or it is also defined as the latest and most valued style in clothes and in their behaviour. To some people, fashion is a form of art but to others fashion is nearly a religion but for most people it is way of using clothes. You can use fashion to carry yourself and also to describe your personality.In this essay various constituents of fashion are described, such as colour of clothes, lengthes, types of neckline and sleeves and different materials. For example, colours are necessary for our life because they make us feel brighter and fresh. Also this essay focuses on designers, who play a great role in telling other people and introducing fashion which is in. Media is the main source to introduce new fashions among common people.A few hypotheses and theories of fashion are described, for example a theory, that describes that wealth is necessary for maintaining clothin. Well-dressed person never wants to engage himself/herself in manual labour is the other example of such hypothese. There are some names that occupy a great position in fashion world (as fashion industry is related to the film or drama industry) such as: Howard Pyle, James Laver, Frankenstein, Pam cook, James Cameron, Edith Head, Jane Gaines, and Grace Kelly. Their influence on developing fashion costume is described in this essay.