Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Ecological Property the Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra. The administration of these forests is run by the Directorate General of Forest conservation and forest protection. It is situated along the north, south, and central part of the equator alongside the Bukit Barisan mountain range. These three areas have a much-defined kind of flora and fauna, exhibiting a lot of diversity in their composition. Overall, these areas can be considered to be a hotbed for ecological diversity.However, the temperature can be said to be warm in general with higher temperatures, higher rainfall being experienced for nine months of the year in the wetter parts, and seven months in the drier areas (Marshall et al., 2010). This has also been one of the contributing factors in the higher variety of the species. The humidity can also be highlighted, as it tends to maintain a constant value of close to 60 percent, especially above the altitudes of 1,700 meters.Overall, the temperature displays a consistency of being around 20-28 degrees Celsius throughout the year (68 to 83 Fahrenheit). The Indonesian archipelago comprises 10 percent of the population of flowering plants and Sumatra is a part of the Sundaland hotspot. It has one of the largest rainforests in Southeast Asia, ranking along with the likes of Borneo and Papua New Guinea (Thornton, 1997). The number of species of plants that inhabit this region is staggering. Almost 10,000 species of plants are present in this forest that range from coastal to sub-alpine conditions. It presents a rare opportunity for environmentalists. as such a diverse set of flora is very difficult to spot in any other part of the world.However, this flora is primarily shared in its constitution and composition with the region comprising west of Malaysia spanning from the south of Thailand to the islands of New Guinea. Specifically, the northern region of Lake Toba has a very distinct Sumatran flora which is largely&nbsp.montane and sub-alpine kind of vegetation (Thornton, 1997). This area has 12 percent of the species and around 17 percent of species which are endemic in composition.&nbsp.