Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on hospitality operations management of silver palm hotel Paper must be at least 3750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The major decisions are taken by the new management for the hotel inculcated.Marketing strategies have been improved by enhancing advertisement campaigns. Specific strategy was devised for each product, therefore different medium at different timing was used to market the product.Silver Palm hotel has improved its status in the last 4 years and has undergone various structural and operational changes which have in turn affect the financials of the hotel. The goals have been set by the new owners and one of the major goals is to become a 4-star hotel in tenure of 4 years. In the efforts of achieving 4-star status, many major decisions have been taken place which has proved to be correct in the long run. Thus, we will be analyzing the decisions one by one.At the time of inheritance, the hotel had 250 averagely decorated rooms having 24 hours operation front desk. The facilities that were inherited included lobby lounge, Pub bar, service restaurant, limited car park but there were no leisure clubs, business centers, conferences or meeting rooms for the guests. But as of December year 4, Silver Palm hotel had been well equipped with the new facilities. At hotel level installation of quick check-in/ check-out system, business center, additional spacious car park, hotel shop, leisure club, a second bar and conference room have upgraded the hotel status among its competitors. As a result of improved services and increased facilities available, room occupancy (%) has been increased to 68.8% which was initially 26.5% only although the average room rate at both the time period was approximately the same.Silver Palm hotel has come up with a good strategy for offering different rates on weekdays, weekends, conferences, groups and events. And hotels have also incorporated early bird discounts, which means, the earlier you book a room cheaper it will be.&nbsp.