Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The fall of the Disciples. It needs to be at least 2500 words. It is said that he prayed the whole night for these men. When he called them, many of them seemed to be unlikely choices, but they all chose to follow him. As they continued their walk with Christ, he often prayed for them as stated in John 17. Even in instances when the disciples were less than steadfast in their walk, Jesus was still there to support and pray for them. In Luke 22:31, the Lord talks to his disciple Simon about prayers for him, he tells him that he will pray for him even if the devil tries to snatch him away. It is this commitment to his followers and his constant intercession for them that leads to their success in the future1. Jesus did not select persons of great educational merit. None of the disciples had studied law or done any scholarship work. Regardless of this, Jesus still chose them to be his followers. In doing so, he wanted to demonstrate to the world that any of them could become just like the disciples. Their commitment to the Lord was what caused them to become great men. He was also making a statement that the grand plan of salvation did not require majestic men. In several instances, these disciples proved that they were worthy of their calling. Peter, who happened to be Jesus’ favorite, exhibited a moment of great faith when he walked on water. Jesus had provided no safety cushion or anchor for him, and Peter only relied on his word for success. In fact, it was this great display of faith that earned him the right to witness Christ’s transfiguration. The extraordinary things carried out by this individual were such that they would convey great hope for the future of humanity. Jesus had initially declared that those who became his disciples would have to hate their families and everything else that mattered to them in order to fulfill the divine plan. Many of them sacrificed their personal lives for the sake of the Gospel. They remained loyal to him and experienced the rejection that he experienced. Essentially, they demonstrated an allegiance to the Lord that would eventually cause Christianity to manifest. This decision to stay with him was indicative of their conviction and strength2. Additionally, in Christ’s lifetime, the disciples performed supernatural acts through his name. In Luke 10:1 Jesus commanded the seventy to go and heal the sick. He also added that the kingdom of God would come near them in the same chapter. Luke 10:17 proves that they took his words seriously since they came back rejoicing to Christ. The seventy affirmed that it was possible to subdue demons through his name. These acts show that the disciples had faith in Jesus. At the time, it was sufficient enough to reach the supernatural realm. Feeble faith A number of disciples seemed to lack confidence in his ability to lead spiritually. Therefore, they displayed a great degree of ignorance that was unexpected from people who spent almost all their time with Jesus. A case in point was the case of the miracle of the five loaves and two fish. At the time, Christ instructed Andrew to find food within the crowd. When he came back, Andrew asserted that there were only five loaves and two fish to be found. He then asked what could come from such a small quantity if the crowd was so large. This statement implied that he had little faith in Jesus’ ability. One would expect more from a person who has seen Jesus perform miracles in the past3.