Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Mozilla Firefox 4 vs Internet Explorer 9. It needs to be at least 1750 words. lt in on the format of being an “Open System” (The Mozilla Firefox) and the other being built on the format of being a “Closed System” (The Internet Explorer).An Open source software is one whose source code is publically accessible without any cost. The source code is publically accessible over the internet. An example of open-source software is the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Open-source software has been volunteered by lots of individuals for free. It can be used and changed by other developers as per their own free will. This promoted chances to experiment with codes and to review the respective changes that are produced as a result.Open Source Software can be applied in a variety of fields. A number of internet programs such as Sendmail, which is a mail transfer agent, Apache, which is a web server, Linux, which is an operating system, MySQL, which is a database system and OpenOffice which is an Office utility are popular examples of Open Source Software working around us all the time.Besides these application types, there also are a few computer games and computer business applications for example AvErp and other Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Many major companies have Open Source Software running at their core. Examples include Amazon, Google, and Yahoo. The relevant characteristics of Open Source Software may be summarized as follows:There is one potential reason why Open Source Software has been adopted by major companies. The increased availability and deployment of Open Source Software make them appealing for hackers to tread. The threat to the vulnerability of the open-source software makes them dangerous since they are not only on their own but when implemented within organizational setups they are integrated with other systems on the internet the breach of which could be lethal to the integrity of any organization.Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that is much lighter than its predecessors.&nbsp.