Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices. It needs to be at least 1500 words. This paper is aimed to study the counselor’s ethical boundaries and practices from a counselor’s perspective. The paper also reflects some ideas, models, and tactics that are discussed in three different sections. Sometimes the scenarios in the client-counselor relationships would be much complex and problematic, and boundaries in such situations would be vague and confusing. Such scenarios do not fall under any reserved ethical codes and need proper planning and strategies. There are several questions, which a counselor is confused about depending on different situations. As the client changes, the ethical situation also changes. Some questions are ethically answered while some needs an understanding to the defined approaches (Pope & Vasquez, 2010). However, there are many codes of ethics and a set of ethical standards which are issued by different agencies and ethical institutions. These codes of ethics are there to help the counselors to conduct their therapies and session with clients in an ethical manner. These ethical codes are presented by the American Psychological Association Code of Ethics which defines different ethical conducts in its different sections. However, there are different theories as well which also helps the counselor for successful counseling. Theories such as Rule-Based ethics: Deontology, Agent Focused theories: Ethics of care and more are there to guide counselors in different situations. Sometimes the counselor is unable to calculate and balance these ethics with the practical situation which he confronts while counseling. He faces different scenarios in which he has to balance the ethical standards with the care and help of his client (Welfel, 2012). A counselor is easily able to answer the variance in the ethical boundaries if he has made some clear and thorough understanding of the ethical codes and has adopted a model/theory or any other approach.