Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses feasibility of establishing a humanitarian logistics hub in hong kong. &nbsp.Specifically, humanitarian players increasingly utilize external services providers to enhance receptiveness to adversities, attain decreased costs, getting hold of external proficiency. For activities that require physical locations, for example, ease of access, storage of relief commodities, lower storage and transport costs, and closeness to disaster-affected locations is emphasized (Jahre, Jensen and Listou 1010). This paper will look at the feasibility of establishing a humanitarian logistics hub in Hong Kong.The earthquake and consequent tsunami which took place in 2004 in South Asia claimed almost two hundred and thirty thousand lives and displaced approximately 1.7 million individuals. Over forty nations and seven hundred nongovernmental institutions offered humanitarian help. In addition, the reaction from the private sector was extraordinary, for instance, companies from the United States of America alone contributed more than $565 million, both in kind and in cash. Also, the role of logistics companies, for example, DHL, FedEx, and UPS together with their associate aid agencies was significant in offering subsidized or free logistics and transportation. The entire universe responded by contributing over $13 billion and instigating the most significant aid effort in history. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami saw logistics applied to disasters attain enhanced interest from both practitioners and researchers. Furthermore, the tsunami offered evidence that the adequacy of the emergency aid response pivots on logistic efficiency and speed.&nbsp. Consequently, this enhances the awareness of the essential duty of logistics in humanitarian relief activities (Jahre, Jensen and Listou 1013). Establishing a humanitarian logistics hub in Hong Kong will require systems and processes which will help mobilize knowledge, resources, skills, and people so as to assist vulnerable individuals affected by adversity.&nbsp.