Compose a 750 words assignment on the things they carried. Needs to be plagiarism free! Most of the elements of the story are common but Tim O’Brien manages to make the narration interesting by writing close to reality. The characterization, language and symbols are very simple. O’brien gets rid of flowery words that could conjure readers to emotionality, thus achieving a realistic portrayal of war. Tim O’Brien is an American writer born in 1946 in Austin Minnesota. He graduated summa cum laude from Macalester College and was sent right away to the war in Vietnam (Kirszner &amp. Mandell, 1994). In the war, he gathered experiences which he later expounded in his novels. “The Things They Carried” won him a Pulitzer Prize and the respect of critiques and contemporaries. Tim O’Brien wrote with accuracy and simplicity. His characterization is well controlled. he makes the characters appear real, as if they really existed. Each person is described in full but without exaggerations. He has a mixture of flat and round characters, developing and static. Tim O’Brien, the narrator, is a combination of a round and developing character, although sometimes he could also be considered static because he still writes about the war even after more than two decades. From being afraid of going to the war to valuing valor and truth in the end, O’Brien reflects a development towards maturity.