Compose a 2500 words assignment on creative music center in the preschool classroom. Needs to be plagiarism free! The study lasted for one month. Throughout the duration of the study, the frequency of visits, and behavioral improvements of the students towards music was noted and recorded. Results revealed that there was a significant increase in the percentage of students who use the new music center in a period of one week. The activities held within the classroom also had a positive impact on the literacy skills of the students. Overall, the results were promising. At present, the center is visited every day and it definitely promoted and improved the children’s literacy skills.“Infancy and early childhood are prime times to capitalize on children’s innate musical spontaneity and to encourage their natural inclinations to sing, move, and play with sound (Kemple, p. 30)”. However, the music center in Garfield Early Childhood Learning Center was only rarely visited by the students. Probably, this is because of its less appropriate location and the lack of instruments to catch the attention and interest of the children. My initial plan for this study was to encourage the children to visit the music center and motivate them to return and make use of the music center frequently, if possible, on a daily basis. Moving the center and making it more inviting proved that it promotes musical creativity. According to Copple (2009), most young children are outgoing, excited players, and enjoy music and movement activities, both of which develop children’s learning in multiple ways. Another goal I had was to make sure musical experiences improved the children’s literacy skills. Gardner (1993) believes that musical intelligence is among the very first neurologic aptitude to surface in young children. In fact, children create and hear sounds from the minute they are born. They cry when they are hungry, cold, or need a diaper change.