Compose a 1500 words assignment on development of deaf and hard of hearing adolescents. Needs to be plagiarism free! This article is basically centered on how the development of such adolescents who are either totally deaf or have other hearing problems is affected adversely compared to the development of their normal age fellows. According to (Peterson, 1993, p. 4), “normal adolescent development is a positive process bringing adult maturity and competence, in contrast to the existing negative stereotypes.” Many crude and intricate effects produced by hearing the loss of many poor adolescents are discussed in this paper, and how their development becomes even more difficult in the diverse classrooms of the present world schools.There are myriad social issues regarding the inclusion of hearing-impaired adolescents at the schools, most importantly. (Berke, 2009). These issues are of such grave and distressing nature that they can even shoot down the motivation and learning enthusiasm in such students who are having hearing problems to zero. That is why the social issues have looming prospects for these adolescents and they are potentially capable of inducing long-lasting mutilating effects on their future potentials. This is an unequivocal fact backed up with research reports that those children who have hearing problems are neither as well integrated socially nor as popular as their normal-hearing peers are, due to which they start feeling pressurized and develop myriad psychological problems. The psychological state of children with hearing problems quite resembles that of young people with low socioeconomic or racial backgrounds who are not welcomed in the society. Seclusion and social hesitation are the two major challenges that mar the development of hearing-impaired children. This is because confidently going out and communicating with normal age fellows or other young people with the same help special children in&nbsp.maintaining social integration.&nbsp.