Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Thematic Statements: Gentlemen, Your Verdict; Journey Home; The Fall of a City; A Few Notes for Orpheus. Journey HomePeople who have left their childhood homes manifest diverse sentiments and reactions on returning, depending on the memories that transpired. In Journey Home by W.T. Duncan, the narrator was initially set at a backdrop of a train trip back to his hometown. reminiscing on the last conversation had had with his sister. The short story unfolded into the intricate experiences of the journey having to contend with two conversing passengers, hopefully trying to engage his participation. One passenger was predominantly noisy and overbearing. The discussions perused controversial topic of the existence of warlocks and witches as residents of the narrator’s native land. The theme of the story therefore was trying to prove the authenticity of warlocks and witches through ordinary conversations that, in this narration, happened along the journey home. The blatant passenger’s persistently annoying colloquy proved utterly disastrous as the narrator’s patience was put to the test. The only effective solution to the narrator’s conundrum was to cast his magic spell and turned the passenger into a fat green toad. Readers are actually effectively lured into different emotional appeals from surprise, alarm, fear, dazzle and amazement. Readers are thereby forewarned to exercise due diligence and discretion in arriving at hasty conclusions and imposing annoying tactics to verify the authenticity of tales and folklores. as one could never know what it would take to prove them. The Fall of a City Children have manifested an array of coping mechanisms in response to different emotions and scenarios. For a twelve-year old boy, Teddy, the main character in the short story written by Alden Nowlan entitled ‘The Fall of a City’, his creation of an illusionary world exemplifies creativity and vivid imagination, a natural trait of children his age. Living with his uncle and auntie, readers could surmise that Teddy was left under their legal guardianship and custody for undisclosed reasons. The loneliness and emptiness felt by Teddy was coped through creating an imaginary world of royalty and far-away kingdom under sagas besieged by wars. Through the visionary city, Teddy was able to feel different emotions of excitement, facing challenges, hoping for victory and triumph amidst his loneliness and distress. The dilemma was expounded by the author in terms of the uncle and auntie’s observation regarding Teddy’s distant stance and the manifestation of an out-of-this world experience, where his mind wanders far.