Complete 14 pages APA formatted article: Home Sweet Home Stores. The goal of the online shopping system will:Provide simple and advanced item searches where the customer can use categories and subcategories to drill down to a particular item or search for an item with its product reference number directly. The search should be quick and easy.Provide a list of alternative products, ‘bought with’ products – accompanying products -, and a list of preferred or previously bought items on the Left-hand sidebar. This will make it easier for shoppers to get alternative or additional products to the Shopping Basket.HSH intend to expand into E-Commerce to increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition. HSH needs to tap into new markets without adding physical stores. HSH needs to offer the current customers an easy platform to purchase from fast and easily saving them time – time to get to the store – and money.The class diagram is attached. It shows the details of the architectural design of the system and the various cardinalities between them. There are many to many relationships normalized by creating a secondary table. The table such as shipping_basket_product is a normalization of many to many relationships between the product and shipping_basket. The shipping of the order is done after the completion of the order.The ER Diagram shows various entities and attributes for the system bounded in the scope. The database will have 12 tables. The customer table will hold all data about the customer. It stores login details, personal details and address information. The address table has been created to hold addresses has a customer could have more than one address.A unique constraint is used for USERNAME in the CUSTOMER table. This constraint will ensure nonduplicated data in the application for username. Since a username can only be used by one user and only one, we can enforce uniqueness in the database. Primary Keys are normally unique but Username cannot be enforced as a primary key.