Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on benefits of tourism. Tourism can also be domestic. In many countries, most of the tourists are international, and the tourism business has become the major source of income. Countries that have made tourism a major source of income gain a very important effect from the business. This affects the economic functions of both the host and source countries.Tourism is of great significance in the growth and development of many countries. It is a vital source of income. Tourism has direct effects on the education, economic, cultural and social sectors of nations and their relations at an international level. Through tourism, income is generated through the payment of goods and services used by tourists. This business also creates employment in the service field of the tourism sector. These employment opportunities are created in the fields of transport, entertainment services like theaters, music, parks, hotels and casinos and other services like shopping centers and accommodation. Tourists also buy a lot of items in the form of accessories and jewelry, clothes, shoes and other cultural items like custom made beads and paintings.Most of the regular tourists travel during the tropical seasons in the winter and summer. With the development of technology, there was an increase and development of mass tourism. This is where tourists travel in large numbers to different places of leisure, within a short period of time. Technology improved the transport service which enabled mass tourism allowing greater numbers of people to enjoy the advantage of recreation time. In the United States, the first resorts at the seaside in the European style were located at the Atlantic City, Long Island, New Jersey and New York. Since tourists have a wide range of tastes and budgets, different nations visited have created a wide range of services, hotels and resorts to accommodate them.Tourists have different tastes so it is important for host nations to create a wide variety of products.