You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Reasons for the Growth in UK Low-Cost Airlines. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. These companies dominate the market of low-cost airlines which has a strong impact on the tourism industry of the UK. Low-cost airlines facilitate the tourists to travel in many places of Europe at a minimum cost and within a short span of time. With the increase of tourists in the UK many new tourist destinations have developed in this country. In many ways, low-cost airlines enhance the growth of the tourism industry of the UK.Materials for this case study are selected and collected from various secondary sources like books, journals, websites, etc. Based on these sources detailed analysis is done for understanding the reasons for the development of low-cost airlines in the UK and its implications on the tourism sector. Views of some authors are highlighted here for analyzing the topic. According to the author Dobruszkes, low-cost airlines have become a vital part of the growth and development of the tourism industry in the UK. The author says that there are many reasons for the development of low-cost flights. One of the important reasons is to attract more customers. The companies operating in this industry mainly follow the cost leadership strategy for gaining more customers. By lowering their price the companies not only attract European customers but also attract customers from different countries (Dobruszkes, 2006). As per the author’s Mason and Alamdari, many foreign people are coming to the UK for spending their holidays in this country in recent years. Many of them do not have the capacity to spend their money by traveling through costly airlines. But these tourists want to travel to different places of the UK within a short span of time which is only possible by traveling through flights. Therefore there was a need for low-cost airlines in the UK market. Many companies in the airline industry were able to understand this need and they started focusing on developing the service of low-cost airlines.