You will prepare and submit a term paper on Select a social injustice occurring in the United States today and answer, Which mode of change-making would best correct your c. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. The Concept of Marriage The Law of God, as well as the law of the land, strongly holds that marriage is a sacred ceremony. a union that ties the knot between couples. It has been established in the society of America, and all over the world that marriage is between a man and a woman. Today, there has been a controversy where the gays and lesbians are involved–that same-sex marriage is a form of immorality and in religious view, an abomination. It is true that many of the homosexuals were asking the government to legalize the so called–same sex marriage. In fact, there were many “gay rights movement” moved and sentiments aired. This had been regarded as social injustice, thus needed to be addressed. Traditional couples enjoy marriage privileges and benefits like procreation, known, or at least presumed paternity, child and spousal support, stability in family life, and survivor’s rights, as far as the U.S Constitution is concerned (“Constitutional Topic”). Same-sex couples also wanted to enjoy those benefits. According to some of them, they could also feel the same level of personal commitment the way the traditional couples do. Morally speaking, this had really created a smoke of non-acceptance and discrimination towards the society because this kind of set-up–gay men and women marriage was not acceptable. Some of the religious denomination discriminated such kind of marriage, but the homosexuals still urge the government for its implementation. Sometime in 1990, homosexual advocates protested for their ‘constitutional right’ to have a marriage license, and be accepted in the community. Although, there were religious leaders that stood against this ‘immoral activity,’ it was still accepted by the government. They sought to modify the civil marriage for them to be included. Indeed, many religious groups have shown their views and sentiments regarding this issue. They see marriage as based on sacred practice. they argue that if the government would change the definition of marriage it is equivalent to reducing its sacred value (“Constitutional Topic”). The Controversies Homosexuality has gained different labels such as ‘immoral,’ ‘improper,’ ‘unacceptable,’ etc. In early 1956, a pioneering national lesbian organization was established known as the The Daughters of Bilitis. In 1973, homosexuality was removed from official list of mental disorders by the American Psychiatric Association. Also, the state of Wisconsin prohibits the discrimination against gay men and women on the basis of sexual orientation. In addition, gays were permitted to serve in the military provided that no homosexual activity should be done, through the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tel” policy as instituted for the U.S military. In effect, there was opposition to the said enactment. thousands of men and women in the armed forces were discharged. Mode of Change-Making: Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage It was reported that gay couples have been fighting for the legalization of same-sex marriage. In fact, some of them in Washington DC have been waiting for the government to issue them marriage licenses since March 3, 2010 (“Tying the Knot”).