Write a 4 pages paper on mobile phone health. Mobile health can also refers to the delivery of health needs in respect to medicine, and address of public health concern with utilizing mobile technology gadgets such as cell phones and PDAs. Introduction The rapid growth of the telecommunication industry across the world inclusive of the developing nations has triggered a revolution in the daily operations of the society. This is in particular to the development of the cell phone as a tool of communication and at affordable rates. This has ensured that approximately 50% of the world’s population utilizes mobile phones (Hoyt &amp. Yoshihashi, 2009). Such technological developments have come hand in hand with easier and basic functions such as short messaging services (SMS) which are effective and cheap means of relaying information. Inception of smart phones, which can almost replicate all applications of personal computer enabling easier browsing of the web, GPS navigate as well as communicate through email. Such advances have enhanced m health services. M-Health has evolved from the e health sector, which encompassed the information and communication sector using computers, communication satellites and many others for relay and delivery of health needs as well as give out information on health related issues (Hoyt &amp. Yoshihashi, 2009).