Write a 16 pages paper on date palm production. The paper will analyze studies previously conducted on some of the issues as support towards the highlighted issues. The studies will focus on cultivars of date palms, the leading producers of dates, challenges to date palm cultivation, and finally the means applied in resolving these challenges.The date palm, otherwise known as date or in scientific terms Phoenix dactylifera is one of the most popular palms known to man. It is categorized under the Phoenix genus and is mostly grown for its fruits that are edible and very sweet. Date palms are trees of the Palmae or Arecaceae family, that grow to heights of between 21 to 23 meters. The stems of date palms are typically straight with strong marks of the pruned leaves. The stems terminate at the top where a crown of shiny pinnate leaves of averagely 5 meters is attached. Date palms are iconic in the Arabic world and parts of North Africa. They are also found in California, USA. They prefer the desert climate and chiefly irrigable areas. The tree that begins to produce dates when it is about five years old has a lifespan of about 150 years. Apart from producing edible fruit, date palms play ornamental and religious roles to both Christians and Muslims. In as much as this tree seems to benefit man so much, it encounters problems during its growth and production such as pests and diseases as well as post-harvest issues. In light of all these, the following paper will conduct in-depth research on the entire production process of date palms. All constituent processes and activities will be highlighted with regards to the key producers, market statistics to propagation, disease control to marketing and non-food uses of the date palm tree.The date palm is just one of the hundreds of known palm cultivars. Its history is based mainly in the Middle East and particularly Saudi Arabia. The plant has a long history.