Write 6 pages with APA style on Are Leaders Born or Made. Organizational leadership assumes special meaning because it motivates and encourages others to strive towards common goals with renewed enthusiasm. Sjostrand and Tyrstrup assert that one needs to ‘approach managerial leadership as a relational, ongoing social construction process rather than as a single clear-cut phenomenon’. It is highly relevant in the current environment of advancing technology and rapid globalization where change is an intrinsic part of business dynamics. Lord MacLaurin of Tesco is an exemplary example of a dynamic leader whose motivating factor of leadership facilitated adaptability to changing equations to overcome the challenges of fast-changing technologies and the dynamics of the economy. Thus organizational leadership becomes a critical element of a firm’s success.The leaders are not pre defined and molded into certain stature. There may be born leaders but more often leaders are made. Organizational leadership requires skills and competencies that can effectively meet the multifaceted problems of the organization and lead it to success. The dynamics of organizational functions and managerial tasks need to be understood from a wider perspective of human relationship. The leaders facilitate smooth coordination amongst the various elements of the organization to realize organization vision and aims. Therefore, even the persons born with leadership initiatives would need to develop a skill to meet the challenges of the changing times.&nbsp.