Write 6 pages thesis on the topic sustainable development: renewable energy implemented within england. The world in general and England, in particular, is making every effort to develop renewable energy sources. Solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, wave power, geothermal power, bio-fuels etc are the major renewable energy sources England is currently trying to exploit. There are many projects in England at present which are working on renewable energy sources. This paper briefly analyses the sources of renewable energy have been implemented within England in recent times. Solar energy is one of the major renewable energy sources available on earth. But science has not succeeded in developing cheap technologies to convert solar power into other useful forms of energy. Many research and developments are going on at present in order to make the conversion process of solar energy cheaper. The West Yorkshire town is producing 5% of the country’s domestic solar power – more than any other district – thanks to a major council-backed project installing solar panels. Kirklees Council has teamed up with the European SunCities scheme to install solar panels on 250 council houses. Solar panels are also in use at its council care homes and on some private housing. Kirklees Council renewable energy officer Kate Parsons said: “By the end of February we will have installed 4.9% of the total amount of solar electricity installed in the UK, making it the largest domestic solar project in the UK” (Huddersfield – the solar energy capital of the UK, n. d) Compared to other European countries, solar energy utilization in England is less. But West Yorkshire town is an exception in this case. Solar power utilization in Yorkshire town is increasing day by day and they have planned to spread the solar energy usages to each and every house in Yorkshire. Big solar panels are installed on the housetops and the solar energy is converted to electrical, thermal and mechanical energies for the house requirements using this solar panels.