Write 6 pages thesis on the topic national culture impact on employees. Hofstede developed four dimensions of culture, an understanding of which is important for all businesses – power distance, individualism-collectivism, masculinity-femininity, and uncertainty avoidance. Power distance Index – this measures the distribution of power within the given society. The US has a low PDI index (40) which is 27% lower than the world average (Workman, 2008). This suggests that organizations have a flatter structure and they are decentralized. Members of the society have equal powers to involve in the decision-making process. France, on the other hand, scores 68 points (24% higher than the world average). France has a tall hierarchical organizational structure where orders and instructions are given to the subordinates who follow them. Individualism-collectivism Index – denotes the degree to which individuals are integrated into groups. America scores are the highest in the world and France to scores higher than the world average. Thus both societies expect to look after him/her and their respective families. The collectivist societies would be integrated into cohesive groups from birth. Both the US and France having high scores on this dimension suggests that individuals in both the societies are self-reliant, although there is some variation in the degree. Masculinity-femininity – women’s values differ less among societies than men’s values. Men’s values in different societies can range from very assertive and competitive to modest and caring. France’s masculinity score is below the world average while the US scores above the world average. High masculinity scores lay emphasis on success, money, and material possessions while low scores of France denote concern and care for others. Uncertainty avoidance – this is the degree to which individuals feel threatened by the society. France scores very high on this dimension which suggests they resist changes to their beliefs and institutions.