Write 17 pages with APA style on Nancys Novelty Cakes Systems Analysis and Design. Up till now, this company has been using a traditional approach for the management of its business operations. In this scenario, it has developed and maintained a file of cakes designs along with costs associated with those cakes. With the passage of time, the management realized that this traditional approach is not useful for the successful management of business operations. Hence, they have decided to develop and implement a new technology-based system. In this scenario, Nancy’s Novelty Cakes business is looking for an effective way to replace its old manual system they have had for the last 5 years with a new computerized system. I am a member of an IT Company that is specialized in the design and development of computerized business systems. Our consultancy firm has won a contract from this client. In this case, our team is responsible for the development and implementation of a new technology-based system for better corporate operational and procedures management. This report presents a detailed analysis of some of the important aspects associated with the development and implementation of this new system. This report will discuss the requirements specification and design-related aspects of Nancy Nancy’s Novelty Cakes business. This report is divided into different tasks and each task addresses a specific topic.Software/system development lifecycle or simply the SDLC is a theoretical outline or process that demonstrates the phases or steps required for the development of a software application. In fact, this process outlines all the steps from a preliminary feasibility study to the installation and maintenance of a software application. In simple words, a software process model is a map that guides software development team all the way through the system development process. It tells them what steps they should perform at a certain stage (Ruparelia, 2010. Yeo, 2010. Smuts et al., 2010).