Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: Black Swan Analysis. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Aronofsky even cited the above movie plus the wrestler of 2008 as an inspiration for the black swan movie. The actors trained in ballet for several months before the actual filming with the help of notable figures in the ballet community putting their effort into its production in an attempt to smoothen its theme. Nina struggles to play both black and white characters to which she easily succeeds in the character of the white swan but struggles for the black swan. This is probably because the White Swan was almost a reflection of who she really was while the dark and more seductive black swan is almost the opposite of who she really is thereby giving her a hard time passing herself into it.To fit into this opposite character and become the Swan Queen, producers adopt many hallucination episodes involving the peeling of skins and the constant appearance of the evil double. Nina begins to imagine things that are not happening for real. For example imagine that she killed Lily who has been rivaling her to play the part of the black queen, only to realize later after she went ahead to exemplary perform this role well that Lily was among the crowd that was clapping for her following her excellent performance. It begins by being in a club where Lily offers her a drug that presumably was to make her relax to which she declines to take. Lily then slips it in her drink, and she notices but nevertheless, proceeds to consume the drink. Later on, while she sleeps, she imagines having sexual intercourse with Lily and wakes up the following day to find she was late for the audition. Erica had already called Thomas to inform him that Nina would not attend because she was not feeling well. She wakes up rushes to the venue only to find Lily preparing to play the role. She asks her why she never woke her up and to her surprise, Lily informs her that they never spent together and that Lily had spent with a man she met in the club.