Paper: Course Reflection InstructionsOverviewThroughout this course, you have studied numerous topics relating to assessment and research. Research findings support a positive relationship between the ability of a student to self-reflect on their learning experience and improvements in academic performance (Lew & Schmidt, 2011). Further research reports that doctoral students themselves found the refection process useful, especially regarding the impact of their learning (Klenowski, in process).MaterialsPaper: Course Refection InstructionsPaper: Course Reflection Grading RubricPaper: Course Reflection Questions – Word DocumentCourse readings and assessments throughout the classInstructionsYou will answer the questions provided in the Course Reflection word document provided in the Assignment Instructions folder. This assignment will require you reflect on the knowledge, concepts, and skills you learned throughout this course, then analyzing there importance will be essential to answer the given questions successfully. You will further synthesize how you can utilize the course information and what more you need to learn. (MLO: A, B, C, D, E, F)NOTE: The purpose of this assignment is to not only explain your thinking and learning process, but to support in-depth analysis of your learning experience as it relates to your educational journey, others, growth in the field of special education, and your overall professional understanding of content. You must provide a word count for each question. A word count total for all question answers should also be included. This assignment should contain at least 800 words. All highlighted material should be removed before submission of the template.Reading & StudyTextbook ReadingsArticle:  Evidence-Based Practice in Special Education: Some Practical ConsiderationsArticle:  Addressing the “Research Gap” in Special Education Through Mixed MethodsArticle: Unraveling Evidence-Based Practices in Special EducationPresentation: Finding Evidence: New Resources for Education Researchers from the What Works ClearinghouseThis assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of the Module 8: Week 8.