I will pay for the following article Tour of New Delhi. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The unique architectural designs in the cities, the festivities, the trains, the monsoons, the ethnic diversity of the people and many other fascinating stories about India. As a lover of traveling, I started to think of India as an ultimate travel destination from a very tender age in my life.Since our marriage a year and a half ago, my spouse and I had always planned to have an enthralling tour as a celebration of our personal and mutual achievements as a young couple. When the time finally came. when we had gathered all the required resources for the journey, my spouse wanted me to suggest a destination. There would be no better destination than India. I already had done a lot of research about India and the typical stories foreigners tell after visiting New Delhi. Most of them were good, but some others were bad including chaos in the city, cunning taxi drivers, fake ‘government’ tourists’ offices and many others. The good thing was that I knew the facts and the hearsay. That information was enough armor to protect us in our six days and five nights in New Delhi.We landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport at 8 am on a Thursday at the onset of summer. We had already arranged for a tour guide and we were glad to recognize him easily. He introduced himself again (we already knew he was Kizito), but to our amazement, he was not an Indian. He saw the astonishment and explained with a smile that he came all the way from Uganda in search of greener pastures since five years ago. Nevertheless, he seemed to be enjoying himself. He slowly walked us into one of the restaurants at the airport for a late breakfast. Here in India, they call it ‘Nashta’. Nashta diet varied from region to region. We were each served with a plate of aloo poha – a delicious meal made mainly from potatoes, curry leaves, peanuts and chilies.Kizito was fluent in English. He was able to answer most of the questions.