I will pay for the following article Human Skeleton. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. They are expressed with a specific order. An enzyme is used at the beginning of expression known as enzyme transcriptase and later on a hormone is used to ensure the transcription process occurs. The hormone also ensures that a stop codon is produced to ensure the end of transcription. Proteins, enzymes and hormones are fundamentals in gene expressionTo begin with, meiosis occurs in gametes while mitosis occurs in somatic cells or rather a body cell. Also, meiosis leads to the production of haploid cells while mitosis results in diploid cell production. Another difference is that meiosis occurs in two cycles whereby the second phase involves crossing over to produce the haploid cells while in mitosis only one cycle is involved for the production of diploid cells.They are both related to the inheritance since they both involve the transmission of genes from the parent cells to the diploid and haploid cells that they create. In mitosis, each chromosome divides into two and one half is taken to the new diploid cell thus there a gene transfer from all chromosomes to the new cell formed after separation on different poles. In meiosis, on the other hand, the process tends to be longer as it occurs in two phases. The principle of independent assortment takes place where each cell has to release its paternal and maternal gene to the new cell created. Contributions to the new cell come from both sexes hence inheritance.In fig 15. The cranium has a number of teeth that have already erupted. These include the incisors and the canines. One pair of the premolars has fully erupted. The other premolars are still erupting with the one more pair that has not yet erupted as well as the molars where there is no sign of any.In fig 18, the mandibular dentition of the juvenile. All the teeth have erupted apart from the molars. Both pairs of the molar have not grown as the total number of teeth in the lower jaw.