I will pay for the following article Causes and Effects of Stress. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Introduction Stress is frequently applied in the description of the emotional, cognitive, behavioral as well as physical responses to things which may be threatening as well as challenging, however, in psychology, the term stress is used when referring to demand or pressure placed on organisms to adjust or adapt. Stress can also be defined as the physical as well as the psychological states that result when resources available to individuals are not adequate to meet the pressures as well as the demands of a given situation. It is of paramount benefits to note that stress is capable of preventing an individual from achieving his goals and this may imply to an individual or to an organization. On the other hand, a stressor may be defined as the origin of stress and there are several stressors like psychological factors, like examinations for school students, relationship problems, life changes like the death of individuals, divorce, as well as termination of jobs. Other causes of stress are the daily hassles like traffic jams, as well as environmental factors like being exposed to very high temperatures or very high levels of noise. The word stress should not be confused with distress since distress refers to physical suffering/ suffering or mental pain/ suffering. A given level of stress is healthy for individuals since it is beneficial in ensuring that individuals are very active as well as alert. It should, however, be noted that intense or prolonged stress is capable of overtaxing the coping capacity and it may result into emotional distress like depression or anxiety and in the end, it may result into physical complaints like fatigue as well as headaches. Causes There are various causes of stress ranging from emotional issues to work issues, and it should be noted that what results into stress may be emotional, mental, as well as physical tension and the tensions are usually because of several demands on a person and the demands could be too big to be managed by the individual. It should also be noted that the demands may generate from&nbsp.the individual or from outside the individual, and when the demands are not balanced by the individual’s capacity to cope, the individual will experience stress. As noted earlier, stress may be caused by several things, for instance, conflicts as well as concerns regarding relationships or marriage may make an individual to be stressed. Similarly, concerns about children may make a parent to be stressed and children too may be stressed by concerns about their parents as well as their family members. Stress may also be caused by health issues and problems and besides, the death of a loved individual may make one to be stressed. Family pressures may also make one to be stressed and again, the relationship that an individual has with the friends may make him to be stressed so much. At the top of the causes of stress are financial problems since a number of individuals are usually worried about their inadequate finances. Career or work related issues also make a number of individuals to be stressed. Work related stress is usually caused by several things like very poor working conditions for individuals, work cultures that may not be favorable to employees, very poor relationships with other workers within the organization, as well as balancing work with family.