I need some assistance with these assignment. generation conflict between kiswana and her mother. based on gloria naylor- kiswana browne Thank you in advance for the help! In addition, conflicts may occur when mothers learn of some funny behavior adopted by their daughters. Individuals can improve the relationship between mothers and daughters through various advances. For one, there can be strategies instituted with an aim of enhancing a mutual understanding. Additionally, mothers should ensure they try to meet demands of their daughters. Prevention of conflicts is better and helps in the growth of daughters as well as their mothers. This paper concerns about the reason why it was so difficult for Kiswana to relate to her mother. “Kiswana Brown” by Naylor Gloria was a woman activist. Drieling (45) states that Kiswana Browne is a college dropout currently staying in Brewster Place after moving from “Linden Hills” her homeland. Kiswana stays in a badly maintained small house apartment. Her strong believe that she could bring into being the proper social change made her to move to Brewster. Much anxiety grows in Kiswana as she looks forward to welcome her mother. Being the first visit from her mother, it is not welcoming, as there is a disagreement between both of them (Kiswana and her mother). However, Kiswana’s mother ends the disagreement by revealing Kiswana’s original name, which is Melanie. The reason why it was difficult for kiswana to relate to her mother was principally difference in the values.