I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Hospital Health Information Systems: Are Failures Problems of the Past. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The article also maintains that it is disturbing that several complex ICT plans experience some degrees of failure (Lane, Snaith& Lane, 2007). For instance, these projects fail to deliver to time schedules, cost targets, and to the expectations of the consumers in many countries. In addition, the article states that little difference exists in the performance of the private and the public sector regarding development in ICT projects. In fact, the projects for the public sectors have extra problems such as high discernment in the media and large scale and complex politically controlled timescales. The article also warns that ICT health care projects require a lot of financial resources if possibilities of failure are to be minimized (Lane, Snaith& Lane, 2007). As a result, practitioners should use the available numerous management guidelines to reduce the effects resulting from the failure.According to the article, the NPfIT project has proved to be comparatively prosperous as a result of its triangle of dependencies (Lane, Snaith& Lane, 2007). However, it is also stated that it is still difficult to gauge the level of success of this project about the e-health initiative. On the same note, however, there have already been bad and good signs. This implies that the e-health initiative can be viewed both as a failure and a success. Its success is the ability to bring e-based health activities in line with the services in other sectors of business. Additionally, it has shown the advantage of severe contracts that are result-oriented and demonstrated that they can be useful in the public sector (Lane, Snaith& Lane, 2007). The article outlines the e-health structure of an information system that would help curb the concerns of cost, time, and problems associated with the management of change.