Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on social and a cultural phenomenon of the musical hair Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Hair is not just musical but more of social and a cultural phenomenon. The assertion of the musical class emphasizes freedom, cry against the political class, and fulfillment of life. Hair displayed in the late 1960s indicates a new start of a sober generation of young Americans. The inception of music “hair” defined a new genre of the music. The new ground of musical theatre helped define the “rock music’ by adopting different controversial topics. Ideally, the movement used a racially motivated cast.&nbsp. Galt MacDermot produced the music for “Hair” in which Gerome Ragni and James Rado wrote the lyrics. The American tribal love rock music displayed a new set of products that excited the sexual and hippie counterculture in the late 1960s. Ideally, the music presents become appealing to the anti-Vietnam War peace movement. Music profanity displays the use of sexuality, illegal drugs, nude scenes, and American flag reverences to create controversy and comment. Hair is all about group hippies referred to as “tribe” the core purpose was to fight against the conscription during the Vietnam War. Both Gerome and James wrote the Hair in late 1964s. They performed other music like Hang Down Your Head and Die and then begun working together. The relationship created reflected their musical part. Rado indicated that their friendship was passionate in which they created it through creativity via writing. The drama was included in the script to make the music enjoyable and remarkable. The premiering of Hair in 1967 was sensational given the growing counterculture movement that had put theatre in the national spotlight (Maxwell, 1969). The issue, therefore, brought up concern on civil disobedience, alienation, and youthful defiance. Ideally, the challenges still resonate today. &nbsp.The characterization helped develop the various themes that were championed by the movement. Claude, Berger his friend and their common roommate Sheila among other tribe friends struggled to fit into the new demands as the surrounding was harsh and did not favor their existence. &nbsp.Their dream was to exist in a peaceful and beautiful world, but instead, it was a catastrophic scenario. Somehow they survived the ordeal given their unity and perseverance. &nbsp.&nbsp.The draft set was meant to make Claude chose between his friends and parents by conforming to the societal demands. This was difficult as the ideals Claude shared with friends were meaningful but had to pick a side to ensure the draft is drawn or accepted (MacDermot, 2015). Further understanding of Hair requires the knowledge of historical imagination. Arguably, hair brings forth the spirit of the 1960s concerning the continuous mass protests she forged to have the Vietnamese war ended. According to Charles Marowitz, the 1968 production without the Vietnam War, American objection would not have been attained. This is more of a critic than support for peaceful coexistence. The scenario allowed the culture to penetrate to the current generation on hatred. The hippy tribe as Claude joined was focused on creating a new culture. The foundation head of creating pop culture became the free-loving group. &nbsp.Claude being born by uptight parents wanted to join the real world and achieve military induction as dictated by the parents, but instead, he chooses a free world. The genetic orthodoxy made Claude fail to dodge the draft before him. This as a fatal ending as he ended up being militarized and died points a useless sacrifice to go to war. &nbsp.The lyrics on the “Manchester England” song indicate the vivid turn of events (Smart & Horn, 1994). The belief in God comes forth as Claude describes himself. Claude had to pretend to be Fellini to survive the war, but sadly this does not occur.&nbsp. In American, the struggle was to ensure there is no political interference from the outside.&nbsp.