Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Nanotechnology in Medicine. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The world is changing rapidly and many of things, which seemed to be fantastic, are becoming real. Nanomedicine and nanotechnologies change our understanding of human’s organism. It is possible to talk about nanomedicine, which can solve the problems of genetically caused illnesses and biological ageing, as about scientific and technical revolution. All the previous scientific and technical revolutions just represented the material created by nature. The discovery of the area of nanotechnology is a quite different matter. A man became capable of creating a new material, which was unknown or unachievable for nature. Actually, the science approached the modelling of the principles of living material construction that uses the laws unknown for modern science. The revolution called “nanomedicine” already takes place today. The given paper will prove that nanotechnologies can be useful for people if the use of them is thoroughly supervised by the state.Nanomedicine is a new and perspective scientific medical trend based on the punctual impact on organism on the atomic and molecular levels. According to Peter Cleaveland (2007) “Nanotechnology has traditionally been thought of as something from science fiction or an advance of the future. However, more applications are being developed that can offer practical uses across several industries. Medical device manufacturers have been researching nanotechnology as a solution for biocompatibility issues to antimicrobial coatings to drug delivery mechanisms” (Cleaveland, 2007:1) Nanomedicine prescribes using corresponding physical principles, miniature nanorobots, informational and telecommunication technologies, nanocomputers with artificial intellect and reason. Modern state and the tendency of development of nanotechnologies create the preconditions for the development of cybernetic nanomedicine technologies.