Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: The Comparison of the Different Artistic Skills in the Early Ages. The other materials used for decoration were metals, ribbon, and animal interlace in religious decorations. The comparison of the different artistic skills at an early age is of great importance.The Bayeux Tapestry is a cloth embroidered, which is 70 meters long and 50 centimeters tall denoting the events that led to the conquest of England. The embroidery concerns William, Duke of Normandy and Harold, Earl of Wessex, and later the king of England. The Bayeux is an achievement of Norman Romanesque and has lived for nine centuries (Foys, 2006). The cloth has an exceptional length and its colors are very fresh, which makes it quite fascinating. The tapestry has fifty scenes embroidered with woolen yarns of several colors. There is a belief that its commissioning was by Bishop Odo and was made in England in the 1070s. The cloth is on display every year in Bayeux Cathedra and in 1729. scholars discovered it at the time of its display. Currently, the display of the tapestry is at the Musee de la Tapissserie de Bayeux, Normandy in France.The column of Trajan is a 28-foot tall victory column that stands on top of a large pedestal carving using the relief of the spoils of war (Packer, 1997). Trajan was the first emperor to be buried inside the Pomerium after his death. The column is wrapped in a spiral relief from its top to its bottom, which is 625 feet depicting Trajan’s two military campaigns against the Dacians. There are more than 2,500 figures in over 150 episodes of the Roman army preparing for war and the emperor addressing the troops among others as Packer (1997) notes. Many of the scenes are for the preparation of the troops and only a quarter depicts actual battles. The Column of Trajan and the Bayeux Tapestry have a similarity in their sizes as shown by their lengths. The Tapestry is 230 feet while the Trajan is 28 feet. The Trajan column is shorter than the tapestry and carved. Both represent artistic skills and have lived for a very long period.