Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Dark Tourism. The world today has embraced the trend in dark tourism and many have used the urges to make money out of the curiosity that comes with death and disasters. Undeniably, death and disaster are components of human life and to some preservation of areas where the death happened is a form of heritage. Dark tourism is a new area of tourism research. Like defined by Foley and Lennon, the phenomenon encompasses a presentation and consumption by visitors towards death and disaster areas (Lennon & Foley1999).Dark tourism is common by the term thanatourism, has gained the attention of academic scholars and media imaginations. It has a growing body of literature in the representation and tourist experiences in the tourist economy. However, it is still in its infancy owing to the fact that there are numerous questions on the academic origins of the tourism concept and education. In addition, there are several queries on the contribution it brings to the broader social scientific study of tourism and death education. The idea has received a substantial amount of marketization process within the academic realm in the past decade. There are arguments that tourism studies and death studies collide making it available for further research in the broad spheres of thanatology (International Conference On Sustainable Tourism, Pineda, & Brebbia, 2010). Critical insights from Dr. Philip stone (2013) in the study of dark tourism have been seen in scholarly articles describing the concept as a new avenue towards fruitful research avenues. He argues that the study of this art is rather a multi-disciplinary academic lens where one can scrutinize fundamental interrelationships of the contemporary marketization of death and the cultural condition of the society other than a mere fascination with death or the macabre (Stone, 2013).The onset of dark tourism may be associated with the first world war due to the countries involved in the ordeal.