Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on virtue ethics vs. utilitarianism. It is an ethical dilemma, to identify which of the two is ethical. being unkind or lying. On the other hand it is also complex if it is ethical or unethical for an individual to steal from the rich with an aim of helping the poor. Ethics is both what an individual studies and thinks or the code that an individual follows and lives in that direction. In this paper I will argue that utilitarianism is the better form of ethics than virtue ethics…. Virtue ethics is a description of character as a moral agent, character is an ethical behavior driving force. It does not depend on rules or a consequence which defines what is right and wrong depending with the results of an act rather than character (Crisp, 68). While utilitarianism on the other hand, is an idea based on the moral worth of a specific action relaying on its usefulness as it maximizes on utility and minimizes on utility which is negative(Scarre, 2). Utility is defined as pleasure without pain, satisfaction that is preference or knowledge. Utilitarianism is therefore a form of consequentialism. moral worth of a specific action depends on the outcome.