Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the perception of women throughout paintings. The ideal was based on offering the same rights in terms of politics, welfare and with work.&nbsp. Women were known at this time to hold a secondary status to men.&nbsp. This was combined with the Victorian and Romantic ideologies, which held that social status depicted the outcome of individuals in society, both in terms of monetary resources, education and the connections one had to others in society.&nbsp. Women during this time were known to work as a secondary component to men, often being redirected away from education and the ability to work.&nbsp. The status of the women during this time began to be questioned, with the emergence of feminism making claims that women should have equal opportunities within society (Haan et al, 2006: 1). The concept of women as having a secondary status to men in society during the early 20th century also led to different symbols and ideals which were represented in the art.&nbsp. Women, in general, were noted as a commodity to men, specifically which were designated to remain in the home and care for children.&nbsp. The interests women had as well as the way in which their natures were represented continued with making them appear as a commodity or object in the private and public spheres.&nbsp. The boundaries which were drawn were not only based on the concept of the feminist object, but also continued with the depiction of the appearance of women that was often misunderstood.&nbsp. The concept of the other in women during this time.