Write a 6 pages paper on why did the us react to unesco making palestine a full member state in the way that the us did. Obama administration was planning to make a $60 million payment to UNESCO this year before UNESCO decides to recognize Palestine as an independent state. America describes the action as a statutory requirement. However, external political observers are of the view that there are other reasons for America’s action. This paper addresses the question. why did the US react to UNESCO making Palestine a full member state in the way that the US did? “The 1990s law prohibits U.S. funding to any U.N. organization that grants full membership to any group that does not have “internationally recognized attributes” of statehood” (Cornwell, 2011). America has some well-defined laws with respect to its foreign policies and international aids. American laws prohibit funding or financial assistance to any countries or bodies which do not possess global recognition. Palestine is not recognized by many countries in the world and therefore America believes that providing assistance to such disputed states is illogical. Since UNESCO has recognized Palestine as an independent state, any funding to UNESCO may result in helping Palestine indirectly. It should be noted that UNESCO is spending a majority of the financial aids received from other countries for the betterment of people in underdeveloped countries and therefore, a portion of US funding, may go to Palestine after its recognition by UNESCO. America does not like such a scenario and they are adamant about the ways in which global agencies spend the funding received from them. The United States and its ally Israel oppose the Palestinian diplomatic foray in the U.N. system, describing it as an attempt to bypass the two-decade-old peace process. Washington says only a resumption of peace talks ending in a treaty with Israel can bring about the Palestinian goal of statehood (Cornwell, 2011) America always believes that the Israel-Palestine issue should be solved with the help of multilateral dialogues. In other words, dialogues between Israel and Palestine under the supervision of any of the global bodies were the better way to solve this historical dispute amicably as per the beliefs of the United States.