Write 9 pages with APA style on Market Entry Strategy of Companies. India can be considered as one of the developing and emerging economies in this world. Looking into the favourable business environment and growing market demand, the management of McDonald’s decided to enter in India market place. The organisation has followed the franchising business model in the Indian market. Misra & Yadav (2009, p.26) has described that the management has decided to develop McDonald’s restaurants across the urban areas in India to capitalize on the advantages of the favourable growing market demand of McDonald’s burgers and other popular fast food items.Government of India has supported the management of McDonalds to implement business expansion strategy in the Indian market as it has helped the organisation in several matters. Alain (2009, p.521) has stated that it helped to attain economic growth rate as it helped to overcome rising unemployment rate slightly. This aspect motivated the Indian government to introduce favourable business policies for an organisation like McDonalds. Introduction of 100 percent profit repatriation helped McDonalds to enjoy 100 percent business profit in the Indian market. However, Gareth (2010, p.65) has explained that the government has developed some environmental and employment policies for each and every business organisation. McDonalds effectively follows those policies in the Indian market. The knowledge of franchisee owners about local and regional market places helped McDonalds to overcome several market entry and business operation barriers. Moreover, knowledge of franchisee owners about business policies in India helps the management of McDonalds to conduct a favourable market survey that ensures the right products according to accurate market demand.In terms of disadvantages, innovation challenges are some major challenges for the franchisee model of McDonald’s in the Indian market.