Write 8 pages with APA style on Business Intelligence Solutions for the Improvement of Argos Sales Department. &nbsp.Managers have got to have the intelligence to respond to a world in is in constant flux. Therefore, organizations use business intelligence in order to make the best decisions so as to gain competitive advantages, understand the customer’s prejudices, bias, and preferences, and to efficiently lead business processes.The case analyzed in this report concerns Argos, a retail chain based in the United Kingdom. In its sector, customers and customer behaviors are golden information to the company and the competitors. therefore, the report analyses the possibility and feasibility of Argos adopting a Sales Business Intelligence System. The system serves to detail, customer behavior, including buying patterns and the types and brands of goods most preferred by them. With these data, the system visualizes it so as to give the management a template for effective decision making and formulation of strategy (Muntean&Mircea 2007, p. 43).The advantages of such a system are discussed and its feasibility detailed. Furthermore, its architecture is also described and the method of implementation touched upon. It will be discovered through the course of the report that Argos is best suited to survive and to leverage the information obtained from the system to manage the competitive environment in which it operates.This report serves to provide a roadmap for the effective implementation of business intelligence systems for the improvement of Argos’marketing and sales departments. Business intelligence refers to the set of computer-based techniques and tools used to transform raw sets of data into meaningful or otherwise useful information. These techniques and tools can transform large sets of the raw unstructured data into useful information that assists to help determine and identify&nbsp.strategic techniques for the creation of new strategic business techniques it, E, (Luckevich&Misner 2002, p. 172).&nbsp.