Write 6 pages thesis on the topic why does language matter to political philosophy. This paper will try to examine and discuss the polity of language development and planning in a certain African country and how crucial this is to its overall national economic and cultural development. In particular, language planning is too closely related to two broad areas of human interest on a national or macroeconomic level: a developmental and conservational approach to a country’s natural resources (mineral, energy, water, fishery, etc.) and secondly, of its human resources. Both natural and human resources are very different in planning time frames and desired outcomes. In their initial discussion, the authors emphasized that planning for human resources using forms of language planning can take several years and sometimes over several generations before its benefits, if any, can be felt or seen. It may alter societal behavior and culture or it may not. The main difficulty in assessing whether programs like these are effective or not is the lack of any tangible measurements in which it must compete with other national resource programs. We know that language is critical in human development, judging from early history to the modern era. The Roman Empire had engaged in it in some sort to manage all conquered people within its vast territories and that also happened in informal ways when centuries later Islam was on the rise and Arabic became the dominant language in the Middle East and parts of Europe, Africa and Asia where the religion had spread. Imperial China also saw the need for language planning to administer its vast empire through its civil service and bureaucracy. The height of Western imperialism and colonialism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries had required some sort of language planning in order to administer captured territories. Together with the powerful missionary movements and the rise of the Industrial Revolution that needed vast sources of raw materials, there was clearly a need for better communication between the colonizers and the conquered populace.