Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the pros and cons of affirmative action in the world of business. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard M. Nixon in the 1960s were the first to issue executive orders for the implementation of modern affirmative action plans.Affirmative action can be of several types for instance if an organization is not ready to give an employment to a person from a minority group then the distressed person can file a formal administrative complaint with the Department of Workplace Standards and on the basis of that filing, the commissioner of workplace standards or his representative shall conduct an administrative hearing but according to KRS Chapter 13B, if the complaint will be proved wrong or just a matter of personal envy from the applicants end then the case will be dismissed.It is a general concept that in order to make effective affirmative action it is necessary to assure that every employee especially minorities are getting fair opportunities so that it could get the goodwill of employees but cases are seen when the beneficiary of affirmative action policy felt devalued. Such examples include the case of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra as he was hired because of the pressure from authorities to engage African Americans with passing the usual blind audition. Another case was of Mr. Stephen Cater who felt dismayed as he only got admission in Harvard school because he was black. According to (Richard F. Tomasson), “The emphasis must be on an equality, or else affirmative action may backfire to the detriment not only of the candidate but of the organization as well”2.Education is directly linked with the world of business as highly educated diverse people will make better diverse workforce in the future. Critics have aroused two main questions about affirmative action policy and that is: if affirmative action policy is fair and if the policy is really effective?&nbsp.