Write 6 pages thesis on the topic how does the space/surroundings in which an art work is shown impact on its meaning. Setting and its relevance The art is pictured and lined (not framed) in well furnished room wall settings. The appearance created is that of a picture painted in the walls. The appearance and features of the art is beautifully displayed, which immediately captures the attention of any person entering the room. Some of the features of artistic work include: clarity, presentation, relevancy and creativity. Relevance is important in meeting exhibitions reasons and themes. The artwork is made relevant to the settings that are intended to be showcased, this can be said to be of two sides to the settings harbouring the art, and the theoretic or conceptual framework it aims to deliver messages to the audiences. The art settings are well designed and choreographed having a mosaic type of designs, of pieces fitted to the images represented providing a background of it, well fabricated with a variety of bright colours (Chambers, 2007, 322). A mosaic type of art is one that uses different types of materials to represents a number of images, glued together to achieve certain design. When one views the picture art, one may think it is a mosaic but it is a drawing. The artist has used this skill to present a simple type of picture. It may not be a pure artist work but the message has been communicated well and fully. Among the images is an illustration showing a beautiful tower, one that might represents a royal castle and it has some words written on it: ‘let the light from my lighthouse shine on you’.